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Here I will discuss thoughts and processes as well as letting you see my place,
the environment, and filling you in on any new things that may be happening.

Coming up:

International Guitar Festival, Adelaide South Australia, July 17th-20th.

I have been honoured to be invited to make a presentation in the 'Meet the Maker' section.

My presentation will take place in the JB Room on 17th July 2014 from 4.30-6.00pm

I'll discuss the evolution of my guitars, detailed construction ,
with a choice of my guitars to sample as well as components of an unassembled guitar.
Audience participation will be encouraged.

I've documented the fitting of the bridge on the current guitar for interest.
It has to be very accurate of course so I have a series of steps to insure the required accuracy.
It will be pinned using small pieces of satay stick so first I have to make sure I won't drill through any braces when I drill through the soundboard.
Then after predrilling the bridge it must be properly positioned.
Using a 'pin vice' to hold the drill bit I take the hole down through the top.
Having put the pins in place I carefully trace the edge of the bridge with a new scalpel.
This is cutting through the very thin layer of lacquer already present on the top which will prevent glue seeping into the grain and allow wet cleanup.
Lacquer is then scraped from the footprint of the bridge with a very sharp chisel.
Using the special inner block and the top block I then clamp the bridge, a rehearsal first and then for real with glue.
Once the bridge is fitted the saddle slot is cut. This is a stepped slot so the saddle forms a T, which makes the front edge of the slot much stronger .

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